I did not go to Cork Life Drawing Group last night – very sad since it was all about the Kendo and the Taiko, two of my favorite things, and so much more interesting than raindrops on roses, although in fairness I kind of like those too.

Nonetheless, it had been a very busy week, and we have a very, very, busy month to come, so it just felt right to be home a bit earlier last night instead.

So no new drawings. But (just so I don’t lose this new found Tuesday morning show-and-tell momentum I’ve got going), “here is one I prepared earlier”: Four elemental goddesses painted using ArtRage on an iPad around April/May 2012.


Another fun night with the Cork Life Drawing Group last night.

Tara and Anna completely outdid themselves with the Barbie theme; the whole thing was more like an installation piece of sculpture than the backdrop for a drawing session, and it felt like we had taken up residence in a cramped pink plastic doll house. They then proceeded to paint articulated joints on the model’s elbows, knees and hips, and ran through a series of poses that would have seemed right in place in a toy catalog (I kind of felt bad for the model – it’s hard to hold straight arm poses that long).

The soundtrack was surreal, subversive and made you hope the creators were ironic, but they probably were not.

You know, just like Barbie.

Fantastic job from start to finish – thanks folks!

A few drawings from the night:




Last night was Hawaiian night at the Cork Life Drawing Group. No grass skirts, but there was a great little she-sells-sea-shells-by-the-sea-shores diorama, a calypso/reggae soundtrack, and a palm tree.

There was also a homemade coconut bra.

Now it may be just me, but coconuts seem to resist being drawn. Perhaps, as with breaking them open, there is a simple trick.  If there is, I don’t know it. When I did try to draw them, I  ended up with Xena Warrior Princess rather than Island Maiden.

I was definitely in the mood to draw, though. During every pose – whether one minute or thirty – I completely lost track of time, just bobbing and humming to Bob Marley and making my messy little marks (lots of wet and chalky media last night).

Most of the actual images were not very … well, anything, really.

(See also, coconuts and Xena.)

Still, in a few of them, I felt there was something going on:




Hula Hoop!

Absolutely mad session with the Cork Life Drawing Group yesterday. The theme was Hula Hoop – the vibe was like a rumble between a busking festival and a 60′s advert photoshoot.

Bonkers and great.

The first hour was mostly super short gestures of dynamic hula hooping – a really fun way to draw. The second half was bit more mellow with a few longer poses – I played around a bit with some inks and water soluble graphite.

A few to share:

Victorian Lady

Another great session with the Cork Life Drawing Group last night. The theme was “Victorian” with a female model all corseted and concerned against the background of a vanity desk.

Still struggling to relax into the process of drawing again, but I was happy with a few of the sketches:


Last week I discovered the existence of the Cork Life Drawing Group, a really friendly group of local artists who meet once a week, pick a theme, a model, some props, a good soundtrack and a table full of nibbles and spend two hours drawing – mostly short poses (1-5 mins) and a couple of longer poses (10-30 mins).

I joined them last night – the theme was “Gentleman” (more Joyce than Dickens). Fantastic atmosphere, great styling by the organizers Tara and Anna, very chill male model – I enjoyed every minute of it.

Mostly it just felt great to be drawing again. After drawing and painting more or less daily in 2012, I can literally count on my fingers the number of times I did so in 2013. No idea why.

Not surprisingly after that dry spell, the hands and eyes were struggling against each other last night, but I found a few of the drawings to be interesting enough to share: